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A helpful hint for the new year.

December 31, 2007

     To google oneself is a sin!


Getting started.

December 29, 2007

     Blog sounds too much like blob, as in the 1958 movie, The Blob. That film had a snappy theme song: Beware of the Blob!/ It creeps and leaps and glides across the floor/ Right through the door and all around the wall,/ A splotch, a blotch/ Be careful of the Blob! Yep, I’d say that reminds a lot of people of a blog too. Of course, a blog doesn’t go around eating people. Although, I did hear about this guy eaten by one in Sheboygan…or maybe that was a dog or maybe it was his hog. I did also hear about this lady getting eaten by a duck (Mr. Quackers, noooooooo…). Anyway, beware of the blog (or blob).