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May 30, 2009

     It’s not our fault, we were just following orders. Yes, after 9/11, they wanted results and that’s what we gave them. No matter what the cost, by any means necessary. We were in a war with a merciless enemy that wanted to destroy us and our way of life. After the rout of the Taliban and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and the downfall of Saddam, we were hailed as heroes. Yes, but we failed to get bin-Laden. After that, the enemy was like a virus that mutated and spread out across the globe making it nearly impossible to track down. You’d strike down one leader and a dozen more would be created. It was neverending. Money and resources poured in, but we couldn’t destroy the enemy. The pressure from higher-ups was incredible. No more 9/11’s, not another attack on U.S. soil. We had to become as ruthless as our enemy. Torture, assassinations and drone airstrikes yielded results, but something else was needed to stop the spread of this disease. Yes, it was a disease and, like a disease, we had to turn to science for a cure. Project Hades? Yes, and as it turned out, that was a truly apt codename. What do you know about the scientist that created it? He was a rising star in his field, bioweapons. When he made the presentation for Project Hades, he was lauded as a genius and was given unlimited funding. An apparently, little monitoring or supervision. Yes, that in retrospect was a fatal mistake, but when you come up with a super weapon to destroy Osama and his followers, who’s going to get in your way? It seemed so simple. A virus that would only kill bin-Laden and other members of al-Qaeda. A genetically engineered virus controlled by a microscopic computer chip that would lie dormant in an infected al-Qaeda courier and be activated upon detection of bin-Laden’s DNA. He would die in agonizing pain, his blood would literally boil. Yes, Project Hades turned out to be a grim joke. The creator of the virus must have infected us and the other members of our brotherhood when he made the final presentation before what was supposed to be deployment of the weapon. Yes, after his suicide, a rambling note was found where he mentioned the ‘perversion of science’ and how we were all damned. I knew I was damned by all the blood on my hands from thirty years of ‘black operations’,  but I never thought I’d become the overseer of ‘the land of the dead’. It was the scientist’s warped sense of humor that we would become carriers of the virus and we would destroy what we fought so mercilessly to save. He also made sure that we were immune to the virus so we could witness this horror. It’s not our fault, we were just following orders. Yes, that’s what we always say, isn’t it?  (more…)