I am spellbound. Spell-bound… That I wake up to a new day leaves me spellbound. Spell-bound… Eating a hearty breakfast followed by a big, er, um, well, it leaves me spellbound. Spell-bound? That gravity keeps me from floating away leaves me spellbound. Spell-bound… That we have a governor that showed his bare ass in those ‘Terminator’ films leaves me spellbound. Huh? Er, I mean, Spell-bound… The Renaissance leaves me spellbound. Spell-bound… Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter leave me spellbound. Spell-bound… Real-life goddesses leave me spellbound. Spell-bound… Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon’s performances in ‘Bound’ leave me spellbound. Woo hoo! Spell-bound… That I made love to four beautiful Japanese sisters at the same time leaves me spellbound. WOW!!! Er, um, I mean, Spell-bound… Watching Alfred Hitchcock’s 1945 film, ‘Spellbound’, leaves me spellbound. Spell-bound… Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart leaves me spellbound. Spell-bound… Listening to Aretha and Stevie Ray always leaves me spellbound. Spell-bound… God leaves us all spellbound. Spell-bound… That I fell in love with the ‘wrong woman’ leaves me spellbound. Spell-bound… Her smile always leaves me spellbound.  Spell-bound… That I can see, leaves me spellbound. Spell-bound… That I’m ripping off, er, I mean, paying homage to an old Smithereens song leaves me spellbound. Spell-bound… That I am still spellbound leaves me spellbound. Could I hear a little more about those sisters? Er, um, Spell-bound… No, because I am spellbound. Yeah, yeah, you’re Spell-bound…


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